Sunday, 14 September 2014


I love fashion that is just spot on with that little bit of quirkiness too! With Jamie Wei Huang this is exactly what you get. From the perfect statement pieces, to your everyday wear the collection is basic with a quirky twist added in. The pop of colour works well to break down the collection ready for the summer months of 2015. A lot of the cuts and shapes were very original and classic with your basic smart wear. While there were some more out there looks such as the fluffy boob tube, and neon blue bomber jacket. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014


BAG - H&M*

I didn't think I'd be doing any London Fashion Week posts this time around. However earlier this week I had a 'YOLO' moment and ended up booking my train tickets to pop down for the day for day one of LFW. Last season I went for the weekend and it was so tiring, but one of the best experiences of my life. I usually get quite anxious when it comes to going to London alone so this was a big thing for me. I'd also not planned to meet up with anyone so it was just me and my iPhone to get myself around. Luckily I ended up bumping into quite a few blogging friends, and even got to make some new ones! I met some amazing people and had an amazing day! I really wish I could of attended the rest of the week! luckily I've already planned to go to next season in February with a friend for the whole week as she really wants to go and start up her own blog! 
This time around I think everyone went for more casual A/W outfits. Last year I remember being shocked at how mental everyone dressed just to get "pictured" It seemed we all toned it down this time around. I definitely went for a more casual look leaving my pink coat behind and allowing my new favourite black trench coat make a statement. The trench coat was very popular as I saw quite a few girls rocking the same look. I then wore my dress/oversized shirt from the H&M TREND collection. I love everything in the Trend collection which is only available in certain stores, some of the pieces are just so stunning. Now can I have a well done for finding yet another bargain with my shoes? I have the exact shoes in white. I ended up finding these Thursday for a cheeky £5. God I love sale shopping. 
I'll have a few more posts about the day as I got a lot in for the 7 hours that I was in London, also a big thank you to Lydia Rose for taking my outfit photo's it was lovely to meet you! 

Friday, 12 September 2014


to celebrate London Fashion Week I'm giving away some of my personal essentials  for LFW! it includes a £10 Starbucks card for then thirsty breaks between shows and while at Somerset house! A mac lipstick in your choice of shade, essential for when you need to touch up before a picture! A 16GB memory card so you can go snap happy all day long! A make up bag so you can keep all your make up safe ready for a touch up! some shades to give that mysterious edge to your look, and of course a notebook to jot down any notes and all your new pals twitter handles! 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


There's nothing more I love than a good bowl of pasta covered in sauce. Oh pasta you make me a very happy girl, and at Jamie's Italian you will get the best of all the pasta there is to offer. I'd already visited one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants before in London. This time I made my way to his restaurant in the centre of Birmingham
I ordered the Penne Carbonara £6.23/£10.75 (Crispy chunks of smoked pancetta, sweet buttery leeks & a traditional carbonara sauce) I love a good Carbonara it has to be my favourite dish to try when abroad and for when I'm just cooking for myself. The over all dish was very tasty, however I felt like the portion was a little small and I would of enjoyed to have a bit more on my plate to really fill me. "please sir could I have some more?" 
Luckily I did ask for a side dish also and I went for Polenta Chips £3.45 I will admit I have no idea what I was getting into with these "chips" that arrived in front of me looking a lot more like chunks of cake than anything else. The taste was strangely surprising, however something just wasn't there to make me love them. Next time I'll just order some normal chips instead. 

Over all I loved the layout and the atmosphere within the restaurant, the music, the staff, every just worked so well together. It was all very vibrant and enthusiastic. A great place to go for lunch with the pals or with your family. I would also like to comment on the pricing as I was expecting to go into his restaurant and have to pay stupid prices. However all of the prices were fair and well worth the money for the delicious dishes. 

(my meal was kindly paid for by Goodmans at their event)

Monday, 8 September 2014


Last Sunday I made my way into Birmingham to blow off some dust on my photography skills. If You've been a follower of my blog for a while you will know how much pride and effort I put into the photography side of my blog. From making my product pictures more interesting, to my outfit posts. Luckily I have a A level in Photography under my belt, but It's always great to see how others capture their images with different techniques and styles. 

We met up with Simon Caughey-Rogers, and a few of the guys from Joe Blogs. We then made our way around some of Birmingham's amazing buildings. I'm not much of a Building photographer and I preferred to capture all of them in another light by involving the rest of the scene. As you can see I involved flowers, and even people to make the images not your box standard "here's a picture of Selfridges"  The above images are just a few of the ones I took on the day. I'll be doing another post with all my best images. 

After we had walked around snapping away, and having the odd tourist join in on our picture taking we then made our way for some lunch! we ends dup going to Jamie's. I've been to Jamie's before and really enjoyed his amazing pasta dishes! I'll also be doing a separate post on my blog about the meal, as it was to die for! 

I had such an amazing time with the guys from Joe Blogs, and Simon. I'd like to thank you for the invite and for a great day of getting to know my camera again! You can read more on the day here!