Sunday, 17 May 2015

I'm pretty sad right now that it's Sunday night and my amazing week off work has now come to an end. I originally booked this week off just because I was well over due a week off to just have myself some 'me' time. I can't believe it's May already! This year has been a mental year for me already. Straight after my birthday I left Telford to work in Nottingham for two months, I then started in Hereford, moved to Hereford then back home. It's safe to say I'm getting a little bored of traveling now. However I feel really lucky to have been offered all these amazing opportunities through my job. 
This week has really helped me to sort myself out and to finally get my 'bite' back. I started to slack, I was too tired to care anymore. I even forgot why I wanted to be a visual. However this week I fell in love with Visual again, however this does not mean the same company. I've definitely started to make further plans for my future and what could be next for me and all my ideas that aren't always taken on. 
I've also got my life back. You sometimes start to slip and lose your social life, loose contact with friends. I wasn't happy with this so this week I re-connect and spent time with all my loved ones. This has honestly made me so happy and really boosted me up again. To boost me even more I brought a new car! It's been over a year now since I had my first car, so I decided it was time for my second car for me to really look after and it be mine. So I went along and fell in love with a beautiful Susuki Swift! 

The moral of my week off is to be selfish and be happy.


Saturday, 16 May 2015

You really can't beat a new lipstick which you instantly fall in love with. Ever since spotting the collection flood through my Instagram feed I knew I had to get my hands on some of the products from the collection! Sadly all of my local TOPSHOP's and OUTFIT's all only have the bare minim of the TOPSHOP Beauty Range. This left me waiting a while until I managed to pop to Birmingham this week for a cheeky shopping spree and fell in love with this lipstick from the collection. I'll admit I brought it without watching it and just looking at the shade from view. The shade is a much brighter pink on than it is before. Although it's a very vibrant pinky shade I've instantly fell in love with the colour and the instant pop it add's to my daily looks. 
Oh and can we just talk about the beautiful rose gold packaging? oh so pretty!


Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Basic's are becoming my new favourite pieces to wear. let's face it you can't create a look without at least one basic key item in your wardrobe. Recently with work and being a bit rushed off my feet a basic tee is something I always grab at 5:30am. I picked up this vest from Topshop and it's the perfect get up and go piece. The colour is a shade I'd never usually go for also, but with summer on it's way and the fact I go on holiday in a matter of weeks I'm exploring the summer shades. 


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The past few weeks, fashion has taken a back seat while I've been exploring new beauty products. I don't usually do the whole 'favourites of the month' posts but with my schedule and finding the time to blog I think still will become a great little feature for my blog. Also a great way to blend in a bit more beauty into the mix.
So first up is my current 'nude' I've been going between the nude's and the brown's at the moment. However this lipstick from MAC in shade Jubilee is a classic throw on and go shade. Then mascara, the one product that I cannot go without daily. This mascara from Yves Rocher works perfectly to add natural curls with a strong added length on top. Now foundation! I'm a cheap-skate. I will openly hold my hands up that I'll happily buy a 7.99 foundation over a £29.99 one any day. However on my recently trip to Chester Oaks I discovered the new love of my life. I've heard a lot about the ESTEE Lauder Double Wear Foundation so I had to pick it up! I can honestly say I haven't found a foundation so easy to get on with, and so long lasting. Next up, a favourite of mine for some time now, Body Shop Instablur this is my go to for the perfect base! Now for nails, all i ever have on my nails is a nude now. It's simple and does the trick! I also picked up this Michael Kors Polish from Chester Oaks.  One because the shade is stunning, two because well the packaging is also stunning. 


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

SHIRT - H&M* | SHORTS - H&M* |  BAG - H&M* | SHOES - H&M*

I actually spotted this cheeky little combo on instagram, then the next day I went into work and purchased the shirt to go with my shorts, I'd already purchased! I'm in love with both items, and at such amazing prices this outfit is a bargain! 


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

I am literally all over the weather at the minute. It's so nice to finish work and be able to enjoy the sunshine as it's still light gone eight o'clock these days! I'm of course also loving all the summer trends that are slowly making their way into stores. being  a visual I get to have a first look at some of  H&M's up and coming trends. I'm off to a meeting friday where I'll get to see all the up and coming campaigns which i can't wait for! I was kindly gifted this stunning playsuit by BOOHOO, who are celectrating the launch of the stunning plus size collection by Nadia Aboulhosn, There are so many stunning piece's in the collection. 


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Yves Rocher is one of them brands that I discovered and instantly fell in love with. While I've only really given their skincare a go, when I was asked if I wanted to try out their new make up collection, I couldn't wait to trial the beautiful piece's. I'm especially in love with the stunning gold palette. The packaging is eye catching and beautiful. The shades that are revealed inside are light pastel green's and a dark forrest green, along with a light stone shade that's perfect for a smokey eye base. I'm also in love with my two favourite beauty products. Mascara and eye liner. These two are a product I will wear daily, so to find the right one it takes a lot to please me. Although I can say Yves rocher have  out done themselves, by producing these amazing products that do exactly what I need. The mascara, with a brush, that grabs at my lashes and allows them to widen my eyes. Then the Eye Liner. I use to use still style of liner before, and completely forgot how easy and simple it was to use. 

I'm still yet to play around with the shades but once I've created a look, i'll be sure to share the look. 


Friday, 3 April 2015

I've recently gone back to my old ways of loving the black and grey. Despite summer slowly making it's way to us, I'm finding myself leaning more towards the darker shades than the brighter shades. However I need to get my head into the summer mode as I've finally booked a holiday! I've been lusting for some sun for a while now. So, finally me and my friend took the plunge and just booked one. This has resulted in me having 8 weeks to buy a bikini, and lots of holiday clothes. 
While on the hunt for some holiday clothes I checked out my old favourites and even came across some new retailers. I managed to find Simon's is a website that has a wide range of stock for both men and women, along with a wide range of collections from high end designers. I couldn't get enough of the range of items and brands they have available! 


Monday, 30 March 2015

It's only over the past few years that Prom's in the UK have become more and more popular. Leading to it being a tradition when you hit year 11 in school. I couldn't wait for prom, I'd been obsessed with american lifestyle forever. So to have one of their traditions come to the UK was exciting and a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate the last 5 years of GCSE's and pulling through with the rest of my year. 
My favourite memory from prom has to be the preparation and planning of my whole look. I decided to go for a very 'Hollywood Glamour' style. After making it my theme in my GCSE Textiles course work I ended up taking the trend into my own prom outfit. I loved going on a hunt for my dress, searching everywhere for that perfect dress, that hopefully no one else would have. It's amazing how many different styles and colours there is available. It's a shock it didn't take me much longer to find my dress. The endless "what you wearing to prom?" every lunch time never got boring when you wanted to be nosey and get ideas from where to hunt down a good dress. In the end I ended picking up my dress in TK MAXX. It was perfect, everything I could of wanted and more. Of course it's not all about the dress. Nails, hair, fake tan it all needed to be done. I got my nails done the day before. back then I use to never wear acrylics to this was an extra treat in my eyes. Then on the day two hours before I made my way to hairdressers to have my hair styled into the perfect wavy hollywood side pin up. 

So despite all the other amazing memories from prom, picking out my outfit and getting to get all dolled up and fancy for one night with all my friends was one of the best memories for me. What was yours from prom? 


Sunday, 29 March 2015


The Bomber jacket is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for everyone. While they were originally for pilots their now a everyday jacket to everyone. I first found my love for a bomber jacket when I stopped the Topshop one, while the Topshop one has a more girly look. Can you honestly say it's worth £55? After deciding to not be silly and pay the £55 I had a hunt on old Ebay after remembering I'd ordered my dad one not too long a go. I then scrolled on this Bomber for only £12.50! the material and pocket detailing is exact to the Topshop, with the added original style of the orange lining. I did end up ordering mine in a L, however I would recommend sizing down as they are much larger than what I expected. But let's face it girl's trends come and go. 


Friday, 27 March 2015

It's rare I'll wear much jewellery these days. With work starting so early the last thing I'm thinking about is what bracelets and necklaces to throw on. However with rings they are simple and easy to slip on and wear all the time. I'd heard a bit about Karen Millen's collection but never realised she did jewellery. When I was having a browse I realised how beautiful and much I loved every piece in her collection, isn't it great when you find a new designer you just love? This beautiful ring from Karen Millen, has become my everyday ring that add's instant sparkles to my fingers. The ring is so simple yet very effective with the sprinkle of crystals. 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

So we've hit that "oh it's quite nice today ain't it" then "bloody hell it's freezing again" stage. Oh the joys. I've been struggling with dressing ready for summer, and wrapping up ready for snow. While it's  always a bit of hit and miss you can't go wrong with a simple, casual, monochrome outfit fit for when the weather slightly gets a little warmer. 
Boohoo have a great selection of items online at the moment, I have my eye on quite a few of their dresses! While boohoo has a wide range I can't get over the prices sometimes. It's like the online version of Primark, however let's be fair and say the quality is better than Primark. I did end up picking out these two piece's. For some more causal throw on get the looks. Grey is becoming my new favourite colour at the minute. It's such a great colour to add a range of textures and other colours into for the person spring/summer outfit. I've then also been after a flowing throw on and go coat like this for quite a while. At £30 the coat is a total steal.