Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014


It's rare I will be brave enough to try new beauty products. I usually find a product I love and just stick with it. However after hearing so much about this so called "25 hour wear" foundation I had to give it a go. I'm constantly on the go at work, and rarely have time to top up on powder or even care to re-apply my foundation for the rest of the day. So to have a foundation that can last the whole of my 9 hour long shift would be a sure dream come true.
I guess that dream came true as this foundation is bloody amazing I tell you. First let me tell you how hot it is at work. Literally I wouldn't dream of wearing a jumper to work. It's also a fast phase environment so you're always on the go. So my face usually gets that lovely shiny sexy look, or I some how end up loosing half my forehead and the area around my lips. Which isn't a good look I can assure you. The 25 hour wear foundation got it's first trial when I started laughing on my lunch break the other day and well let's say if you really make me laugh I start crying. (my eyes can't handle all the funny giggles haha) So there I was laughing and crying away when I realised I looked like a bloody panda. Not having any make up remover with me I tried to wipe away the black smudge from under my eyes, I actually found it difficult to wipe away the foundation from my cheeks. With my previous foundations I'd not even dare to touch my face all day incase I rubbed off half of my face. However the Rimmel was a tough sucker and stayed strong. Of course this meant I went and finished the rest of my shift looking like I had two black eyes. But over all I was really impressed with the were and hold of the foundation. 
I would highly recommend this foundation if you're after a long lasting foundation for when you just don't have time to top up on your face! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


TOP - H&M*
It's outfit's like these that really make me go "wow have I changed" It's literally shocking out much my style has changed in the past year. I have to admit it is probably thanks to H&M. Also with my recent tiny weight loss the confidence to now wear more flattering pieces is suddenly a aim for me. I love this top from work. The colours, the texture, I just love how well it works as a statement piece. At £14.99 it's also a complete steal. Then the trousers. I have to admit I've been trying to hunt down a pair of these textured, patterned slack styled trousers for some time now. I just couldn't find that pair that didn't make me feel too uncomfortable. Until I found this pair in the George sale for £8! I'm not a massive blue/navy fan but these are going to be great to throw on! 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


The only problem with being single is it looks a little weird when you nose the mens collections. I must admit every time I've been in a relationship I've somehow managed to get my own touch on them, and changed their style somehow or another. If you have followed me for a long time, or just know me, you will know Zac Efron holds my heart. That boy just got it going on. From the hair, the stubble, his abs...shall I go on? Ever since I was thirteen and I first tuned into High school musical it all began. I will even admit I got extremely emotional at HSM2 when Zanessa shared their first kiss. (it broke me at the age of 14 I was fragile.) 
I decided to look at Zac's style and take my own to create a look with the help of New Look's range that they have for men! Zac always seems to pull off that casual skater boy look, although he sure can dress up all snazzy when he needs to. I'm defiantly a fan of the casual rough edgy look myself. I decided to go for one of Zac's Idea outfits which is a classic checked shirt, a bomber jacket, and some edgy ripped jeans. I'm sure Zac would look great in this head-to-toe outfit from New Look, although he would look great without it too.  

Sunday, 21 September 2014


BAG - H&M*

It's literally been forever since I've shot some outfit photo's, but literally on my days off now all I wanna do is sleep and go shopping. It's a shame because I've brought so many new clothes that haven't even made an appearance over on my blog yet. Today I decided to put aside some time to shoot some of my favourite outfits that I've been wearing at the moment. 
I brought these ripped knee jeans while in London for LFW, I must admit it's a bit crappy that Topshop are charging an extra £2 for the ripped knee look, but hey ho you can't beat Topshop's jeans can you? Also slightly annoyed that these jeans are only £36 online, guuuur. I originally only wanted these for the shade, I've been after this shade for so long but for some reason Topshop doesn't seem to do them without the ripped knee. So I went ahead, at first I was a bit unsure on the whole look. Now I can't stop wearing them. 
I can say the same about this trench coat too! I brought this not really thinking I'd wear it. I now live in the thing, I'm going to be so sad when it gets too cold that it doesn't keep me warm enough. I also managed to pick up the cream version int he H&M sale today, however I don't think I'll get as much wear from that colour. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Primark have gone and done it again haven't they! For some time now I've been after a pair of Mules. However I just haven't found that perfect pair that isn't too high. I can't walk at all in anything too high or I'm on my arse. so these Mules are literally spot on for what I was after. After watching and having a good giggle to Becca Rose Video last night, I knew I and to hunt them down today. So before work I made mew ay to my local Primark and there they were, in my size just waiting to come home with me. Let's face it for £12 why the hell not!?
The shoes themselves are very basic, and plain, however they don't half look pretty amazing when their on your feet. I tried them on with my ripped Joini Topshop jeans and damn they just looked fabulous. It's my day off tomorrow so I'm gonna try to break them in so I can wear them all the time. I really miss wearing heels. However since going full time and being on my feet for 8 hours a day heels aren't my first choice. I must admit these are really comfy despite the height and heel. Let's just see how I get on after I've worn them for a few hours shopping tomorrow. 

Friday, 19 September 2014



One of my all time favourite video's and posts to read will always be the classic "whats in my bag" I'm just so nosey, I can't help it! I thought I'd share with you all my essentials, and what I carry around with me daily. Everything I've shown never gets taken out. I do of course the add the odd sandwich and drink, and switch up my perfume from time to time. 
So first of all the bag it self. I brought this bag not too long ago after staring at it a number of times while at work, and well it was one of them "f*ck it" days and I brought it. It's also gone in the sale online, but is sold out so be sure to check out your local this weekend for our mid-season sale in store! I love mental and a bit random bags like this with the fringing, I recently brought the TOPSHOP indian boots which pretty much match. The pair are going to be my staples for this A/W. 
Now, the contents. I got my purse also from H&M it's real leather and it was reduced to £15, then of course my staff discount it was a beautiful find while in London. It's a purse that I can see myself still using when I'm about 50. Well until I get my hands on a marc jacobs one of course. 
Okay let's talk about my make up bag! My favourite Disney films are The little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. I just fell in love with this make up bag as soon as I saw it, also retailing at £2.50 why the hell not buy it!? It's also the perfect size to keep all my essentials in!
Only the past two years have I become sensible. It may be that fact I turn 20 in a matter of 3 months time. But I just have to carry tablets and tampons for all them emergencies. I've also been trying to carry more water with me. Look's like the light bulb haas finally started working inside that head of mine. I also carry about 5 different lipstick's and a trusty powder by HD brows. I've also just got a little hand sanitiser in there because I had the old washing your hands then the dryer just not drying your hands at all so you wet your clothes instead. Yeah that. 
And of course I couldn't go anywhere without my phone, or my portable phone charger. I have linked to the charger I brought however it isn't listed anymore, although I would recommend the other sellers below. I also love my pug phone case from c/o iconemesis I've had my eye on the case for a while now, it wasn't until they contacted me that I decided I had to have it. I just love dogs too much not to have a million of them on my phone. 
And that's pretty much my bag contents covered! 


My favourite part of London Fashion Week will always be going to somerset house and seeing everyone get papped as they show off their snazzy outfits for the day. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I love fashion that is just spot on with that little bit of quirkiness too! With Jamie Wei Huang this is exactly what you get. From the perfect statement pieces, to your everyday wear the collection is basic with a quirky twist added in. The pop of colour works well to break down the collection ready for the summer months of 2015. A lot of the cuts and shapes were very original and classic with your basic smart wear. While there were some more out there looks such as the fluffy boob tube, and neon blue bomber jacket.