Monday, 28 July 2014



I"M OBSESSED WITH YELLOW. Seriously this whole yellow and monochrome trend is serious love for me.  I've never jumped for joy at yellow before, it's just one of them colours isn't it? However recently the neons are taking control and making a stand in the trends. For a while now I've been searching for a yellow blazer. I'm picky so it had to be perfect. Luckily HSC got in touch and they have a stunning one on their site, which they kindly sent me. Although I have to say it would of been a total steal anyway, at only £10.75 (#whatabargain) For that price also you are getting a top quality blazer, the lining is spot on, the material is good quality. What more could you need?  I've said before that I'm not a fan of the whole blazer casual outfits, they just aren't me etc. I have to say my opinion has now changed. The pop of colour blazers do work really well to add that extra..classy sway to the outfit? 

I also added some cute little snaps of me and my Baby girl. seriously isn't she adorable? 

Friday, 25 July 2014


Wednesday morning, I made my way to the train station for a day down the south in London Town for a few press days. What could be better than going to Christmas press days in July, while it's 28 Degree's outside.  I must admit, I'm not the first blogger to jump when there's a press day. I prefer my event's which are a bit more interactive and great way explore just one or a collection of products. Either way I love Selfridges. When I was younger we would only really go to Selfridges at Christmas for them extra special gifts. Of course since blogging I've become a bit weak when it comes to shopping and Selfridges is now a everyday store for myself. 
This year at Selfridges Christmas is all about the food, and customisation! If you're like me you love anything that has your name on it! There was a wide range of stationery, food, fashion, toys everything you could need. I think with Selfridges, they offer a range of unique and very personal items' which are perfect for everyone at christmas. There was also the great little options for stocking fillers, then the luxurious items for the main. I'm very excited about popping into my local Selfridges this year for christmas so i can get the perfect presents for the family and friends. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


We all expect miracles when we buy a product, whether it's for our skin, our hair or nails. We literally expect it to be the dogs you know what. Well for me I've always had high hopes when it comes to Umberto Giannini. I was first introduced to the brand in my first year of blogging when I attended one of their events in Selfridges Birmingham. Ever since that event i've been on an doff with their shampoo and conditioner, but forever using their FRIZZI  Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. Although now I'm blonde, and my hair isn't in the condition it was before I bleached it. I knew I needed to get some good products on my locks to really sort them out. So I popped into boots, as you do and I was going to re purchase the FRIZZI Oil anyway, when I started to glance over the new collections from Umberto Giannini. 
The first product I spotted was the MEND MY HAIR Therapy Intensive Damage Repair 5 in 1 Hair Oil. I won't lie to you now, but the packaging did catch my eye and was a seller for me. It just looks so pretty and very 'posh' is that even possible for a hair oil? Anyway as soon as I got home I pumped three times and stroked it into the mid lengths and down of my hair and then put my hair up as I went and enjoyed the sun. After I took my hair down a few hours later before having a shower, and I already felt the difference within my hair texture. 
Then I went ahead and washed my hair with the Dazzle Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. Now this is where I fell in love. The shampoo and conditioner, did no wrong. I cannot get over how soft, shiny and smooth my hair is since I used the Dazzle Shine collection. Now for freshly blonde hair I wasn't expecting the results at all. Maybe a bit of shine, not so much frizz. But the feel an look of my hair has completely changed and gotten into a lot better shape. I'm hoping it improves the more I apply the shampoo and conditioner. But I have to say the Dazzle Shine collection really is a miracle worker, I'm still so shocked at the feel two days after the first wash. Also Boots has  deal on where you can buy 3 items from Umberto Giannini or Lee Stafford for £12! so you will basically get a product free depending on what you choose!  

Saturday, 19 July 2014


For a long time now I've said I wanted to go back blonde, I'm pretty lucky and most hair shades suit me. But one colour that has always been my favourite has been blonde. I think there's just something about having blonde hair that makes you feel more girly. Personally I love having lighter hair in the summer, especially as my hair fades a lot in the sun! So while off work last week, I got a little bored...and this happened. I know a lot of you will be going mental for me doing it at home, for doing the process too quickly but I have to say my hair is clearly made of bloody steel. 
 Right, so how did I get this look? I would like to point out I've never had any hair dressing training I've self taught myself, along with the odd ombre youtube video. I used one main brand to get my over all blonde and that was Jerome Russell Bblonde. This is the lightening dye I've used for all my ombre's also. I basically gave my natural hair a ombre, once the first application was done and washed I left my hair over night. The next morning I then re-dyed the same section of hair again which allowed the blonde to go much lighter. However there were a few yellow tones, so I used a bit of purple shampoo and I also got a semi-perament dye to just tone out to a more natural shade of blonde. I thought that would be it. But no, I ended up attacking my roots. I ended up stripping my roots, so it was my natural hair colour, then adding  a few subtle high lights. This then created this very natural blended in look. Which for me and my natural length hair I think worked much better. And well, that ladies is it. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with how good a job I've done. 
 My hair condition, ah the only problem with going blond dis it basically beats the sh*t into your hair.  My hair was very dry, and brittled and I did begin to loose a lot of my ends. However I instantly started applying hair masks, hair oils the lot. Really allowing my hair to get all it's juices back. I also brought some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G products yesterday, that after one application have literally given me back my old hair, no joke guys. (I'll have the reviews up soon) 
 Now on to my hair length! For a while I've been dying literally to get rid of my hair extensions, after three years they start to tie you down. With this new colour, I feel a lot more confident with my shorter hair and love the classic choppy bob. I can officially say I've gone a week without wearing extensions, and I've actually left the house. I do miss having longer hair, and I probably will order a pack just for when I need a bit of sass in my life. However for now I'm rocking the Kylie Jenner shorter bob. I still have a bit of toning and what not with my hair, but right now I'm happy with the look and hopefully I keep it up. 

Friday, 18 July 2014


 I'm still in the works of re-decorating my room. It's taking it's time but slowly and surely it is getting there! I just need to get rid of my horrible wallpaper and it will look more fabulous! However recently I've become a little obsessed with getting little bits, and buying lots of pillows! I'm one of them people that needs at least two pillows, or I can't sleep! I currently have about 5 on my bed and my head just falls into a bowl of fluff every night. Pure heaven. So who doesn't need another pillow? Well how perfect this this pillow. I love the classic print, and the light toned shade, that would make a great statement onto the covers of my bed. I paid a visit to Yorkshire Linen and discovered that they have a wide selection in pillows (yay) and beautiful printed duvet covers which I definitely wanted to get my hands on. Since moving my room around I now no longer have anywhere to put my drinks, and my phone by my bed. Next on my list is the bed side table. This is such a simple little table that can just slide to the side of my bed perfect for all my needs. 
Then the skull, I love skull's, god knows why but I think they are just a great little feature, and this silver money bank is perfect for both uses such as keeping and collecting all your loose change, and looking fabulous on your side table. 
Another little feature, but something I'm trying to get into my room a lot more are images, posters etc. I got some pictures printed off at Boots the other day and I'm now on the hunt for some new picture frames. But this sign would just add a perfect "homey" touch to the room. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014



My first outfit post with my new hair! I admit the shot's are a bit off, but silly me didn't realise till after how off they are. At least you can admire the white wall, it's getting all the attention after all! (oh that rhymed haha) I'll be doing a separate post on my hair soon anyway. I'm still living in my Topshop Joni jeans, you honestly can't go wrong with a black pair of skinnies can you?  I was kindly sent this stunning peplum top from I think the top is so unusual and different, which I think is why I'm so in love with it. It also reminds me of a few high end clothing trends that are about at the minute! As you can see from my images the top really does just add that splash of colour to the whole outfit. I think this top is going to be a great piece to take me into A/W with it's summer vibes, but dark toned colours.