Sunday, 29 November 2015

There's a few things that really know how to sort me out and put me in a good mood. One of them of course is food, and what of course than the best course ever - dessert. Living in the West Midlands and being local to the Wolverhampton area I've heard a lot about the Little Dessert Shop, and literally, I mean LITERALLY been drooling to go. So the other week after a standard Weatherspoons meal we decided to try somewhere else for dessert, 'treat yo self' and all that. So we ended up going to a local cupcake shop. However that ends dup being shut before it's closing times. Although I'm not complaining as I finally got to go to the Little Dessert Shop. Despite being in bit of a swirl over what to order. With the seriously amazing huge menu I ended up opting for a Crepe. I absolutely loved it. I loved the standard of the customer service, and the food. It's safe to say I'll be back very soon. 


Monday, 23 November 2015

Anyone else got that Friday feeling? you may just get it this Friday! This Friday most high street stores and other retailers will launch their Black Friday deals. (however some brands have already started their deals!) Black Friday is originally a campaign in the US. However us Brits have to get in on it don't we, and we all love a good bargain anyway! A few weeks ago Boohoo got in contact about another collaboration with them, after working with them in the past I wasn't going to say no, especially when it was to do with the colour Black. I was asked to create a outfit with the iconic colour. Of course this was no challenge for me, as I already live in the colour! I'd already had my eye on this playsuit and was planning on getting it payday, I'm a huge fan of the eye lit/lace up trend at the minute, although it's been hard to find some nice pieces that aren't too OTT. The playsuit is simple, classic and super casual for day-to-day wear, to even a night out look. I then went for a pair of black ankle boots, a statement piece for any A/W wardrobe in my opinion. These boots were really different for me as they are patent, with the added buckles. To complete the look I added my oversized blazer coat from H&M, and my Chanel Boy with a cheeky pom pom key ring from Riverisland. Over-all the look is casual yet sexy with the added details to the looks. 

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Monday, 23 November 2015

If you saw my previous post where I styled some thigh high boots, you would of seen that I'm now a total thigh high boot lover! I never thought they would be flattering on me so I was always cautious when it came to finally purchasing a pair. However I've not taken them off since! Now I've grown to love them I'm itching for another pair! However with winter now officially being here, I think I would be best to invest in a good quality pair. I love the selection of ladies boots over at Jones Bootmakers. While they are a little on the pricey side theres a range of boots which are perfect for the right investment over the winter period. 
While I'm considering getting a investment pair, I'm also considering a different colour! I love this beige pair from ASOS! While I don't usually lean towards lighter shades for footwear these boots have truly stolen my heart. 



Sunday, 22 November 2015


Recently I'm leaning more towards the accessories, bags, shoes, jewellery it's like I've fallen in love again with how much detail a add on can really add to any outfit. Sometimes you can literally wear a all black outfit, add a teal bag and the look is complete. I'm now after the piece's that really complete the looks, but may be worth the investment. 
Can we start off with the shoes? Okay these have been in my basket for some time now but I'm so on edge to if I'll actually wear them! but their just so pretty! I could happily justify having them just sit on my shelfs as a decoration. But let's face it, that's not right on the poor things. These shoes were defiantly made to be worn! Payday may be the time to make them mine. Then a bit of jewellery! recently I've been seeing a lot of girls with septum piercings, and I want one too! I use to have my nose pieced and I loved it! I'm really considering getting it re-pierced. But I love the effect of the septum piercing. I also love the cute bars you can get for it like this one from FRESHTRENDS.COM & of course, I couldn't do a wishlist without a piece with fringing could I? grey is really my colour at the minute. I just love how fresh grey pieces work into my wardrobe. This bag is also a total bargaining at £12!!!  


Saturday, 21 November 2015

The other night I was kindly invited along to a local Beefeater in Cannock to have a cheeky preview of the up and coming Christmas menu which launches 1st December right up until the 30th so you can get all your festive grub in the festive period! There's also a Christmas Day Menu, Boxing Day Menu and New Year's Eve Menu available. What's more, Beefeater is committed to serving up great quality food at competitive value to ensure a festive feast doesn't have to break the bank. 
"Beefeater is ringing in the festive season with a brand new menu that includes all the trimmings, in addition to some delicious alternatives for those looking to break away from the traditional Turkey and Brussels sprouts. With something to suit all tastes." 
I decided to take along the main foodie in the family, my dad. He opted for the Crispy Flat Cap Mushrooms/Breaded Mushrooms for his starter. He really liked these, it was the perfect starter before the main. He's also a huge fan of a mushroom or two! I opted for The Pulled Beef & Yorkshire Pud slices. Oh my god I cannot stop thinking about the starter. The pulled beef was literally mouthwatering. All I've thought about since is the texture and the amazing sweet sauce it was covered in. Oh and I'm also a fan of a Yorkshire pud, who isn't? 
Then for mains, we both went for The Festive Double Steak Burger. While I found the burger full of flavour, and a range of tastes and beautiful cooked beef. my dad actually found the burger to be a little too much. The burger contained cranberry sauce, salad, cheese and bacon! While I was far too happy to have all of my favourites all in one burger.  With a side of Coleslaw and Chips to each side the meal was topped off nicely. (with a free refill on chips, hello, yes please!)  
Dessert time! after having a quick break after the beat of a burger main, we were then served with our desserts. I went for the Orange match maker sundae! I'm always a lover of a sundae and a little bit of orange thrown in. However I was far too full to finish the sundae after the main that I ended up the dessert. However it tasted amazing I just wish I had more room to fit it in! My dad went for Chocolate Melt in the Middle pudding This looked amazing and was a lot smaller so I probably could of managed this a lot better. He really enjoyed the dessert it was the perfect size after the meal for him and enough sweetness for him. 
At the restaurant we had table service with our waitress Emily, she was lovely and always on hand if we had any problems! or even if we just wanted another drink! While the rest of the staff at the restaurant were also on hand always popping over to make sure we were okay and enjoying the food to the entrance and departure. This was my first visit to a Beefeater and I'm defiantly going to be going back, even if it is just for the pulled beef. 


Friday, 20 November 2015

Birmingham is a city only 30 minutes away from me, in which I always end up wondering into whether it's for a blogging event, a day of shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. Birmingham has such beautiful architecture, no matter what part of the city your in you'll spot a building that will catch your eye. My favourite has to be Music & Art Museum, the whole building is just utterly stunning. I'd much rather look at a older building than a modern building that sticks out like a sore thumb. So for me I'm drawn to the older buildings within the city.  
However it wasn't until I came across this interactive map created by The Travel Lodge,  which shows the evolution of Birmingham! I didn't realise just how much the city has really changed. With the recent opening of the brand new New Street Train Station, it's amazing to see exactly how it use to look at the beginning and exactly how much it has evolved to what it is now. I have to admit I'm a huge fan of the new station, it's so open and reminds me a lot of a airport. So the evolution of the train station was defiantly for the better in my opinion! Although the rest of the city you can see from the map, some parts are completely different, and then some have barely changed apart from a few new shops opening up along the high streets. It's nice to see the mixture of the old and new within the city that all seem to balance out together. If you've never visited Birmingham, I'd highly recommend it for a good day out, of shopping, food or even history! 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


It's only recently that trainers are now my go to shoes. I never thought I'd see the day. I've always been very stubborn when it comes to wearing trainers other than the gym, while I was also extremely envious of all the girls that managed to pull them off daily no matter the outfit. However with my job involving me lifting and being on my feet majority of the day I've ended dup making them work. 
Now the coat, I've ended up having so many compliments since the purchase of this beauty and it's been worth every penny. (although it was only £25 anyway) while it's only a Primark coat the quality and over all finish will get you looking twice. 


Saturday, 14 November 2015

well, hey. Look who's finally made some time to shoot some outfits. With the darkness creeping in around 4-4:40pm these days it's been a real struggle for me to even get any sort of photo's for my blog done. I've ended up having suit case of looks in the boot of my car waiting to be captured. But all is good I'm back and I'm being stick to stick to certain times to sort my blog out. 
I've been dying to own a pair of thigh high boots for so long now. However the worry of them not being flattering, or just not fitting my legs always spotted me. Then the other week while having a browse of my local Primark I spotted the last two pairs of these babies. The exact style, length and fit I was after. I was going to splurge on a £50 pair, but at £20 you can't grumble. I paired the boots with a number of looks, my favourite has to be the dress and the little be of leg peaking through. It's a chic yet a hint of sexy way to dress up a look. 

Now let's get to the fun bit of this post! The next edition of The Clothes Show in association with ALCATEL ONETOUCH will take place from 4- 8 December 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham I have teamed up with The Clothes Show in association with ALCATEL ONETOUCH to offer one of my lucky readers and their ‘plus one’ the chance to attend the year’s most prestigious fashion event, absolutely free! On the Saturday 5th December!  The show so far has an awesome line up! from the likes of, Ella Eyre, Charlie XCX, The MIC Gang, and many more! You can also grab a few bargains from a few of your favourites brand such as - Rimmel London, NYX, Models Own and many more! So if you want to win yourself TWO free tickets to attend the show on the 5th December, fill out the rafflecopter below! 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Usually Halloween isn't something I celebrate or do a lot on the day. When you get older days like Halloween and Easter aren't as cool as they was when you were younger. However this year I'm planning on going on a night out. While I'm still in two minds to whether to dress up or just go my usual night out look. I've been looking around for some inspiration, of how I can make an effort for Halloween however not too scary I look like bit of a twat. 
I was kindly sent over some make up from HQHair to create a spooky look! I of course went for the classic glam vampire look! It's a easy look which you can easily pull off any night of the year, minus the things and slicked back hair. For the look I used a lot of high street make up from Rimmel London, probably my favourite high street brand. I did then throw in some of my favourite high end products to complete my glam vampy look. The over all look is super easy and a great way to mess about with all your darker, deep shades and just genuinely play about. I ended up going very over board on the contouring to really complete the look. Vampires are pale so i wanted to expose the details of my facial structure. I also contoured my nose which made a deeper impact on the face. 

What looks are you going for this Halloween?