Thursday, 23 October 2014


DRESS - H&M* | SHOES - H&M* | BAG - H&M*
H&M has done it again. As soon as this dress came in delivery I knew I had to own it. Sadly it had to be kept off the shop floor for a few days until it's launch. I soon grabbed it yesterday when it made it's entrance to the shop. Maybe it was the price, or it's stunning shape. Probably the shocking price of just, £9.99. That's right, £9,99. Also with my staff discount it worked out to only £7.49 even cheaper! The best part about this dress is it's already available in a different pattern for £24.99. This dress is apart of H&M's new value for money products. There's also a faux brown leather skirt which is only £7.99! that's cheaper than Primark! Sadly both the dress & skirt aren't online yet, so I'd pop into your local. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


If you saw my previous post you will of seen I attended a Bobbi Brown event, and learnt a thing or two about creating the perfect smokey eye. (that's not too hard either!) I decided I'd take on the tips and trial them out on myself, on camera. I've been meaning to make more Youtube videos for a while now. However when it comes to the editing I either get bored, or think I look like a tool. I will say my editing isn't the best and I'm not looking at the camera much as my mirror was to the side. oops. Also some footage did get deleted so You do only see me creating my base and the eyes. Hopefully you can see how easy the look is to create! 
Over all I'm really happy with the outcome of the look, also as I literally filmed me playing about with the products for the first time. Also my first time trilling Gel Liner and I have to say I LOVE IT! I've decided I'll go into more detail on each product in their own review in different posts. 


(I was kindly gifted with the products from Bobbi Brown for my consideration and honest review. No other compensation was received for this post or video)

Monday, 20 October 2014


The other weekend I made my way to Merry Hill Shopping centre for a spot of shopping with my darling paige, and her family. Merry Hill has always been a favourite of mine for it's easy access, and of course the beautiful thing called late night shopping. amen. Over at Merry Hill they also hold a number of events through-out the year to show off the latest styles and trends that the centre has to offer. Last weekend it was all about the Autumn/Winter trends, my fav! 
Over the weekend they had a range of activities and offers on for the public. From personalising your own canvas bag, to watching the models work their stuff in one of the amazing shows that were shown throughout the weekend in a range of places throughout the centre. There was also Artists Doug Hyde in the Whitehall Gallery showing off his amazing collection. I loved his pieces especially the person and the dog. We all know I have a soft spot for a dog. While at the centre we made sure to check out all the amazing activities which really provided something for everyone. 
I was kindly gifted with a lovely goody bag, and a gift card. I ended up getting a two-piece I'd seen on Primark's instagram which luckily I finally hunted down in Merry Hill! I then had some money left over to stock up on essentials like my winter tights! After a spot of shopping we then made our way to Nando's for some yummy chicken, I really need to lay off the Nando's I'm going far too often. 
Over all I had a fab time once again at the centre and really enjoyed the activities that were put on for the weekend! 

(photo's 6&7 are from the merry hill Facebook page, the rest are my own photography)

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Earlier this week I made my way into Birmingham to attend an event at House of Fraser to celebrate the launch of the new Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Sparkle. At the event we were greeted with drinks and nibbles before being introduced to the the team. We were then guided step-by step by the application and how to create a quick and simple smokey eye in minutes! My favourite eye-look has always been the "smokey eye" however it's always been something I can either smash. or look like a complete and utter... you know. 
We were shown two looks on the evening and both were stunning! They also showed the look on two completely different models to show how different a smokey eye can look on everyone! I really liked the looks that are going to be perfect for this party season! I haven't yet tried out the look on myself. However I do plan to film it and create a little post so there's something for you to look forward to! I will also go into a lot more details about the amazing products I was kindly gifted with from the event, which will be used to create my look!

Friday, 17 October 2014



Yes another outfit all H&M, but let's just consider how beautiful both pieces are. I love this jumpsuit. When it came in delivery at work I was instantly in love. Also with dark florals begin big this A/W I knew it had to be added to my wardrobe. I think the long sleeves is also great, a lot of people will only see jumpsuits for the summer time, but the adding of a long sleeve allows the look of a perfect A/W outfit. 
Then the boots. Do I even need to explain these? no I'll just let you admire them.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I feel like my blog has really been abandoned the past few weeks. Especially now the weather is getting worse, it's getting harder and harder to shoot my outfits. I'm also far too tired to be messing about to try new locations. I'm also getting lazy when it comes to doing my beauty reviews and lifestyle posts. While life is actually good right now,  I've not been able to share it with my blog and allow my blog to continue to grow. It's so weird to think that this time last year I was a "Full Time Blogger" with just a little 8 hour contract at H&M. 
A year on and I'm a full time 35 hour Sales Advisor, and next week I will officially become the Trainee Visual Merchandiser at H&M Telford. Only last week I was planning my daily routine for my big move to the Tamworth store to do my training, when I was offered the chance to stay with my lovely Telford H&M family. I'm so excited to start my training and to know that all my hard work of building up my portfolio has paid off. I've worked really hard since joining H&M to build my way up and I can't help but feel proud of myself. 
I think once I get into my new routine, and settle with my change in hours I'll be back to making a routine for my blog also. While I've not been posting I have been jotting down ideas, and attending events! I've also brought far too many clothes that I've not even shared on the blog yet, so don't worry I'll be back with some outfit of the days soon! I also want to start youtube again. I got a lot of good feedback last time and let's face it youtube is the place to be at the moment! (I got very excited when I realised zoella's manager follows me on twitter the other day) But rest assure I'm still alive and I'll be back with lot sod new posts soon! I may even have a re-vamp as I think I've changed a lot and I want my blog to be in sync with me. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014


You have no idea how much I love Autumn / Winter. I'm just not a summer loving kinda girl, I hate  not being able to walk around without breaking out in a sweat. I love to layer and basically just be all cuddly and snuggly all day in a good knitted jumper. Autumn / Winter is a great time to keep it basic but really use a bit of trial and error when it comes to accessorising your outfit.  There are a number of things I add to my outfits to either balance them out, or add that little something. 

HATS | I've become a bit of a hat lover the past two years. Before I wouldn't of bothered, especially as my hair use to be my pride and joy and I never wanted to hide it. (haha hair loving) However hats are now a great way to add to an outfit, either making it nice and casual or to add that mysterious look with the add of a floppy hat. There are a range of places that offer some amazing quality for money hats such as; New Look, Primark and of course TOPSHOP

STATEMENT BAG | I use to be obsessed with bags. Every time I went shopping I'd be buying a new bag. Some girls love shoes, I love bags and shoes. Recently I've opted for only buying certain bags, which will one carry all my crap, two really make a statement or create a main view point to my outfits. Above you can see my large bucket bag from H&M which works well for both of my needs. it's size makes a big impact on the over all look of my outfit and stands out. The shape is also very basic but works well for the below hold. Of course using a statement clutch is always a great way to add a lot to a outfit with such a small piece. 

STATEMENT COAT | I went a little coat mad last month. That's how excited I was about the colder weather approaching. But having the perfect statement coat could balance out the rest out your outfits for the rest of the winter months. I've really been loving Duster coats. These are perfect for the not so cold days but just a bit chilly, a great jacket to throw on and look super casual and mysterious. My recently Khaki Green Duster Coat is from New Look, I literally love it and the over all trend it add's to my more casual day-to-day outfits. I also purchased this beautiful, and well cheap over sized boyfriend grey textured coat from Primark. Isn't it just stunning, it's also going to be perfect for them dressy occasions that I need to be wrapped up for the over my glam outfit beneath. 

LAYERING | The best part about A/W has to be the layering! for me I love throwing on a cardi, or just a tartan shirt over a simple cami to add that extra effect to the whole look. I've really been embracing layering the past few weeks, with long tops and knitwear. It's also a fab excuse to stay extra way this season!