Monday, 2 March 2015

While Kylie Jenner's lips have slightly gotten a little out of control, we have all been lusting over her perfect nude lips. She has defiantly started a trend, in which we no long reach for our red lipstick. I tend to lean more towards lipsticks that are my lip shade, but better. This can then become a staple piece to your daily make up look. Here are just three of my favourite nude's which I've been wearing the past few months. 
TAUPE | I don't usually go for matte lipsticks, which my lips being naturally big they do tend to dry out and get very dull instantly. Especially in the colder months. However the Taupe shade is so on point and perfect for everyday wear. It's a very subtle shade, not being a dark nude and not being a light nude either. 
CREME IN YOUR COFFEE | I have to say this shade is my ultimate true lip smacking soul mate. I literally couldn't of found a more perfect suiting shade for my lips. With it's cream-sheen texture the product sits perfectly on my lips for my daily wear. It's not the most long lasting lipstick but it's become my daily lips to throw on and go. 
JUBILEE | This is my most recent mac lipstick purchase. I actually got recommended this one after another lipstick was sold out. I swear overtime I find a shade recently it's sold out. However I have to admit this shade was exactly what I was after. I recently brought the Maybelline Colour Drama in 'Nude Perfection' This also instantly become a fast daily product for me. However it is very drying so I found it to dry out my lips. I did however find Jubilee which is the perfect match. 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015


There's no secret that I have a little obsession with little black boots. When these came into work last week, then we were told about getting three items for 50% off, well it was meant to be wasn't it? I have to admit these boots are slightly different as they have a wooden heel, which i thought may be hard to pull off. Actually the wooden heel/sole makes the boot. The heel also isn't too high which makes them the perfect height and style for everyday wear! 
I will apologise for the style of these photo's my camera was actually in a cup on a ironing board to take these photo's. OH THE GLAMOUR. Living out of a suitcase is hard however I made a few online purchases which i managed to pick up from home at the weekend. I'm trying to keep my sass levels high while I'm away but it is proving a challenge. 

I&K Synthetic One Piece Body wave Clip In Hair Extension.

Monday, 23 February 2015

We all know about my love for hair extensions. For me hair extensions are my best friend. I wear my clip in set from Dirty Looks pretty much everyday. However when it comes to a night out, I always go for more volume and a lot more curls! This weft from Hair Trade was exactly what I needed to give me the extra volume, thickness and of course sass! 
You can easily clip in the weft with the six clips provided, which have already been sewn and fitted to the weft. I actually ended up giving the weft a gentle wash to loosen up a few of the curls. This allowed the weft to appear more natural and loose. I'd highly recommend a hair piece of you're after that extra volume by adding something so simple as one weft. 


Sunday, 15 February 2015


Quick outfit post from me, I allowed my dad to have another shot at taking my outfit shots. He still managed to capture all my freaky faces. I ended up picking up this shirt-dress yesterday from Tesco! it was only £16 and I love it. I did size up by 3 times to make sure it was long enough, as my height always seems to let me down when it comes to dresses. I paired the look with my new shoes which i featured in my last post. I can't get over how comfy these shoes are. If you've worn H&M shoes before you'll know the pain. 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

So I didn't really stick to my I'll post more while I'm away. All the posts I've had drafted have just been gathering dust! I also have to admit this look has changed when it comes to what products I now use as I use a new mascara and base! I'll probably do a more updated daily look in a few months time.  I won't go into too much detail about each product as I've talked about a few of them in previous posts. 
One thing I've really been working on is making sure I have the perfect base. To do this I've been doing my new skincare routine. (post to follow soon!) But of course the perfect base product to really create the ultimate base for my make up. Once this is achieved by using the ME ME ME SEVENTH HEAVEN MOISTURISING FACE BASE, I apply my favourite foundation which is Rimmel London 25 hours Nude Lasting Perfection. I then go onto my brows. You will have to excuse the mess their currently in, I'm trying to get them a bit more bushy! I personally love a bold brow, but not a tattoo drawn style brow. All I use on my brows is a little Natural Collection shadow in the shade 'crushed walnut' I then go over with a quick brush with my ARCH ANGEL from Me Me Me Cosmetics! This makes sure my brows don't go wondering off when I'm out and about.  I then move onto my eyes! I eye make up does tend to vary mainly on how much sleep I fancy having. If I don't have liquid eyeliner on you should know I had an extra 15 minutes in bed that morning. To achieve my liner look I use the very popular; Fast Stroke from Collection. Over the years I've tried to move on from collection but I just can't seem to find a liquid eyeliner as easy and reliable to use! To finish the eye I add a quick flick of my Bobbi brown Smokey Eye Mascara.  I then like to go in with my powder, I use the Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte. While it's a pretty expensive powder i have to say it is kinda worth it's price. The blurred photoshop look it add's to your face is pretty much worth every penny. And of course it's then time to contour! I'm slightly ashamed to say only a few months a go did I start to contour. I literally look back on old selfies and hate myself for not learning sooner. To contour I use the Sleek Palette Face Form in shade 'Light' This palette has literally been one of my favourite beauty purchases. It literally does wonders for me. being quite pale it's hard to find the perfect bronzer, highlighter and blusher that all work well for my skin tone. Now last but not least! LIPSTICK! I adore this lipstick! I picked it up when shopping with a friend who knew where stuff when it came to what mac lipstick to get. Since purchasing 'Creme In Your Coffee' it's become my daily lip shade. 


Monday, 9 February 2015

I must say I'm really loving the up-and-coming spring/summer trends. I'm so done with scarfs and wearing five layers daily. Work is defiantly making a influence on my current looks. From the over sized coats to the pastel shades with a added edge. I'm so in love with these shoe's I spotted in delivery and grabbed straight away. Also they are so comfy!


Saturday, 7 February 2015

SHOES | £39.99 || NECKLACE | £7.99 || EARRINGS | £3.99 || ORGANIZER | £4.99 || SWORSKI SET | £14.99
Isn't it funny how at school I use to be bloody obsessed with wearing jewelry. However these days it seems I just cannot be bothered to add that bracelet or to even wear earrings. I've definitely got a bit lazy when it comes to adding my add on's.  This week H&M had quite a few goodies in delivery. You may want to check out their website, and see if you can grab a bargain! I just couldn't get them out for my mind so I popped into Birmingham for some me time. 
I love rose gold, who doesn't these days? It's a shade that just looks effortless with a girly twist to jewellery I find. I was mostly attracted to the stunning stones which have been used with this necklace the shades all work so well together to create s simple yet statement long necklace. I ended up spotting this organiser as I made my way to the till. I must admit it was one of them do I really need this? But screw it I want it anyway buys. I'm going to use it in my bag for my notes and recipts. Shoes! I really don't need anymore shoes but when I was putting these out the other day, they just screamed my name. Also if you've brought shoes from H&M before you'll know how terribly uncomfortable their shoes can be. I can safely say these beauties are a dream to wear! 


Monday, 2 February 2015

CHANEL POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE | I got brought this little beauty for christmas. I have been itching to try more of Chanel's beauty collection. After only really giving the lips and nails selection a go a being impressed with the quality and stunning packaging it was time to extend out into the face collection. From first use I was in love. If you've been searching for the ultimate photoshopped powder you can look no further. I cannot fault this powder. I apply it once in the morning at 6am, then around 4/5 is when it starts to get a little too shiny all up on my face. But for a good 11 hours my face is kept smooth and flawless. 
RIMMEL 60 SECOND NAIL POLISH | I'm bloody obsessed with everything khaki green at the moment! green also being my favourite colours I just can't get enough as the trends fade into the khaki green's. I actually picked up this polish from Pound Land! It's such a stunning neutral colour for nails. 
LOVE TANYA BURR | I personally didn't have many hopes for Tanya's book. After not really enjoying Zoe Sugg's book I was in two minds to whether to buy Tanya's book. However as Tanya released sneak peeks on Twitter/Instagram I noticed it was nothing like Zoe's fiction book. Tanya's book is exactly what i'd expect from a youtuber. The book is told through Tanya as she tell's us a bit more about her child hood, from growing up, to falling in love and how it all began for her. It then goes on to chapters of her favourite skin care, beauty and experiences. She's even added note section fro yourself to write down your favourite memories and favourite beauty products! I personally think this is such a lovely thing to add to a book. I would highly recommend you pick up Tanya's book because even if you don't like it, it's a pretty table book. 
ROSE GOLD WATCH | I have linked to the watch but the metal work doesn't look very rose gold in that photo. Anyway I was having a nose in ASDA picking up some bits before getting my train when I spotted the watches. I've been meaning to replace my watch for a while now as it's so scratched and faded from work. When I spotted this watch and the price I couldn't say no. it's been weird to get use to after having a all metal loose fitting watch, But I love the huge face and style of the watch. 
INSTA BLUR | This was one of them, "that blogger keeps going on about it, so I have to have it" buys. But I honestly don't regret it. Yet again I kept meaning to pop into The Body Shop and pick up a few bits I've been dying to buy. I ended dup popping into my local the one weekend and picked this up. I love it, it instantly gives me a perfect base, which works well to help out my Chanel Powder. Also I've found a little amount of product can go a long way. 
MEND MY HAIR. HAIR OIL. | I'm a huge fan of hair oil which you'll know about, this one has been my go-to hair oil for quite a while now. I recently updated my blonde a bit as my hair has grown quite a lot. So my hair began to get a little dull and dry again. However this stuff works miracles and can instantly add that boost your hair needs. I try to use the product twice a week or before I straighten or curl my hair. Also can we talk about the super cool packaging?


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ever since I was introduced to Benefit Cosmetic's they have instantly become a favourite of mine. With this I became a loyal 'They're Real' Mascara fan. While I'm a huge fan of 'They're Real' it does start to get a little be of a pain as the bugger really doesn't want to leave your lashes. Benefit has always been known for the number one selling Mascara in the UK. So when it was announced they were realising a new mascara all the beauty guru's were curious to what was to come. If you saw my previous post you will of seen I was lucky enough to go to my local Benefit event which was in a truck! While I was there I got to chat, drink pink champers and of course get my hands on the new mascara. Roller lash. 
Roller lash is not set to be released until March, however I was lucky enough to get my hands on it first. One of my current looks for me in the week, with my 6am start is just a simple nude eye with a bold lash. This look can only really be achieved with a good Mascara! I decided to take the Roller lash to complete my daily look. I definitely was not disappointed by Benefit! The awesome hooked brush hooks onto my lashes and gives them a instant up lift with two strokes. I love the instant girly flick it add's to my lashes, creating the perfect lash. I've also found the mascara to be less wet like 'They're real' and doesn't leave marks on my under eyes. It stays put all day, but when it comes to washing away the face at the end of the day it slips off my lashes perfectly. 

If you can't wait till March to get your hands on Roller Lash you can grab your sample size in this month's issue of ELLE! 

(disclaimer // I was kindly gifted this product for my consideration, no other compensation was received) 


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Last night I decided after work to make my way back to Birmingham a bit closer to home. While I've been in Nottingham my nights have been pretty dull, with being super tired and just wanting to pass out and watch Hollyoaks. However it was super worth being tired today to go into birmingham and suffer the train ride back with no battery on my phone! However I went into Birmingham for the Benefit event for their new mascara! I'm a loyal fan of they're real so i was looking forward to seeing what they had in store. 
 I first met up with my babe Paige we then made our way to Victoria Square. Once we arrived we instantly spotted the massive baby pink Benefit truck. trust me you couldn't miss it. We were then greeted by the oh so sassy man who took us inside to meet the benebabes of Birmingham! the truck was absolutely stunning and it was exactly like stepping back in time to the 60's. We took a seat were treated to some Pink Moet! and some yummy yummy cupcakes! the benebabes then made their way to mingle between us all to share tips and tricks. I've not yet tried out the new mascara from Benefit, however you can look forward to my review soon!


Monday, 26 January 2015

JUMPER - GAP*(similar) | SKIRT - PRIMARK (similar)| BAG - H&M* | BOOTS - C/O CLARKS.
Another more casual outfit from me. I just can't get enough of turtle neck jumpers. When I first saw turtle necks making a statement in the current trends I thought "nah" but after trying on just a simple basic black top I was hooked. I now own over 5 turtle neck jumpers. They are literally the best thing ever in this cold weather. However I'm starting to get sad that it's getting warmer. 


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I took these photo's the other week, sadly it was getting dark so the quality isn't the best. I also used my DSLR camera which I'm just not in love with anymore since buying my Canon EOS. I've been using my Canon Eos for pretty much everything but outfits. This was due to not having a remote. It finally arrived before I left. But when I'm back I'll be sure to shoot a few! 
I'm currently away in Nottingham for work. last night I did a 14 hours night shift and it killed me. But it was so great to get stuck into it and get to know my new store for the month. I'm also really loving being in a city. I love however is out there just a 5 minute walk. Although I am missing my car in this cold weather.