Sunday, 20 July 2014


We all expect miracles when we buy a product, whether it's for our skin, our hair or nails. We literally expect it to be the dogs you know what. Well for me I've always had high hopes when it comes to Umberto Giannini. I was first introduced to the brand in my first year of blogging when I attended one of their events in Selfridges Birmingham. Ever since that event i've been on an doff with their shampoo and conditioner, but forever using their FRIZZI  Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. Although now I'm blonde, and my hair isn't in the condition it was before I bleached it. I knew I needed to get some good products on my locks to really sort them out. So I popped into boots, as you do and I was going to re purchase the FRIZZI Oil anyway, when I started to glance over the new collections from Umberto Giannini. 
The first product I spotted was the MEND MY HAIR Therapy Intensive Damage Repair 5 in 1 Hair Oil. I won't lie to you now, but the packaging did catch my eye and was a seller for me. It just looks so pretty and very 'posh' is that even possible for a hair oil? Anyway as soon as I got home I pumped three times and stroked it into the mid lengths and down of my hair and then put my hair up as I went and enjoyed the sun. After I took my hair down a few hours later before having a shower, and I already felt the difference within my hair texture. 
Then I went ahead and washed my hair with the Dazzle Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. Now this is where I fell in love. The shampoo and conditioner, did no wrong. I cannot get over how soft, shiny and smooth my hair is since I used the Dazzle Shine collection. Now for freshly blonde hair I wasn't expecting the results at all. Maybe a bit of shine, not so much frizz. But the feel an look of my hair has completely changed and gotten into a lot better shape. I'm hoping it improves the more I apply the shampoo and conditioner. But I have to say the Dazzle Shine collection really is a miracle worker, I'm still so shocked at the feel two days after the first wash. Also Boots has  deal on where you can buy 3 items from Umberto Giannini or Lee Stafford for £12! so you will basically get a product free depending on what you choose!  

Saturday, 19 July 2014


For a long time now I've said I wanted to go back blonde, I'm pretty lucky and most hair shades suit me. But one colour that has always been my favourite has been blonde. I think there's just something about having blonde hair that makes you feel more girly. Personally I love having lighter hair in the summer, especially as my hair fades a lot in the sun! So while off work last week, I got a little bored...and this happened. I know a lot of you will be going mental for me doing it at home, for doing the process too quickly but I have to say my hair is clearly made of bloody steel. 
 Right, so how did I get this look? I would like to point out I've never had any hair dressing training I've self taught myself, along with the odd ombre youtube video. I used one main brand to get my over all blonde and that was Jerome Russell Bblonde. This is the lightening dye I've used for all my ombre's also. I basically gave my natural hair a ombre, once the first application was done and washed I left my hair over night. The next morning I then re-dyed the same section of hair again which allowed the blonde to go much lighter. However there were a few yellow tones, so I used a bit of purple shampoo and I also got a semi-perament dye to just tone out to a more natural shade of blonde. I thought that would be it. But no, I ended up attacking my roots. I ended up stripping my roots, so it was my natural hair colour, then adding  a few subtle high lights. This then created this very natural blended in look. Which for me and my natural length hair I think worked much better. And well, that ladies is it. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with how good a job I've done. 
 My hair condition, ah the only problem with going blond dis it basically beats the sh*t into your hair.  My hair was very dry, and brittled and I did begin to loose a lot of my ends. However I instantly started applying hair masks, hair oils the lot. Really allowing my hair to get all it's juices back. I also brought some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G products yesterday, that after one application have literally given me back my old hair, no joke guys. (I'll have the reviews up soon) 
 Now on to my hair length! For a while I've been dying literally to get rid of my hair extensions, after three years they start to tie you down. With this new colour, I feel a lot more confident with my shorter hair and love the classic choppy bob. I can officially say I've gone a week without wearing extensions, and I've actually left the house. I do miss having longer hair, and I probably will order a pack just for when I need a bit of sass in my life. However for now I'm rocking the Kylie Jenner shorter bob. I still have a bit of toning and what not with my hair, but right now I'm happy with the look and hopefully I keep it up. 

Friday, 18 July 2014


 I'm still in the works of re-decorating my room. It's taking it's time but slowly and surely it is getting there! I just need to get rid of my horrible wallpaper and it will look more fabulous! However recently I've become a little obsessed with getting little bits, and buying lots of pillows! I'm one of them people that needs at least two pillows, or I can't sleep! I currently have about 5 on my bed and my head just falls into a bowl of fluff every night. Pure heaven. So who doesn't need another pillow? Well how perfect this this pillow. I love the classic print, and the light toned shade, that would make a great statement onto the covers of my bed. I paid a visit to Yorkshire Linen and discovered that they have a wide selection in pillows (yay) and beautiful printed duvet covers which I definitely wanted to get my hands on. Since moving my room around I now no longer have anywhere to put my drinks, and my phone by my bed. Next on my list is the bed side table. This is such a simple little table that can just slide to the side of my bed perfect for all my needs. 
Then the skull, I love skull's, god knows why but I think they are just a great little feature, and this silver money bank is perfect for both uses such as keeping and collecting all your loose change, and looking fabulous on your side table. 
Another little feature, but something I'm trying to get into my room a lot more are images, posters etc. I got some pictures printed off at Boots the other day and I'm now on the hunt for some new picture frames. But this sign would just add a perfect "homey" touch to the room. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014



My first outfit post with my new hair! I admit the shot's are a bit off, but silly me didn't realise till after how off they are. At least you can admire the white wall, it's getting all the attention after all! (oh that rhymed haha) I'll be doing a separate post on my hair soon anyway. I'm still living in my Topshop Joni jeans, you honestly can't go wrong with a black pair of skinnies can you?  I was kindly sent this stunning peplum top from I think the top is so unusual and different, which I think is why I'm so in love with it. It also reminds me of a few high end clothing trends that are about at the minute! As you can see from my images the top really does just add that splash of colour to the whole outfit. I think this top is going to be a great piece to take me into A/W with it's summer vibes, but dark toned colours. 

Monday, 14 July 2014


I'm all for making a outfit transition into a night time look. I'm also pretty well known for making a number of looks with one piece. I'm really loving the neon yellow at the moment and I saw this two-piece and fell in love! I decided to then add another trend I'M IN LOVE WITH and that is the tropical look by adding this tube skirt from Topshop. 


One of our guilty pleasures is finding out what our favourite celebs are up to, what their wearing, who's seeing who. We Love to know everything about their life's and what's next for them! Then we start to feel a little...glum and depressed that we can't strut around in Chanel, and Gucci all day. So to see our celebrities in a new form is yet another form of entertainment! However I'm sure a few of us would rather not see Miley Cyrus spamming instgram pictures. 
My Voucher Codes put together these transformations of the celebs we all love an share and turned them into puppets! My favourite of course has to be the Kimye one. I mean, Kim's lips really are spot on aren't they. But if your looking to get the same looks as your favourites celebs, why not try hunting down some codes to get a bit of discount on them piece's that are a little out of your price range. My Voucher Codes is the leading voucher, coupon and discount deal website in the UK.  They have a range of code's for a wide range of stores, and online boutiques. It's the perfect way to do a quick search and easily save your well earned cash! 


5 Top Tips from the Red Carpet for Looking Fabulous
(feel free to use any images from as you wish)
Every time summer comes around we are bombarded with new looks from the likes of those who attend high profile events such as the launch of new movies. Hollywood actresses who look fabulous in anything that they wear on the red carpet. 
Let’s look at what we need to learn from these events that we can apply to everyday life. What lessons are there that can make any of us ladies look fabulous? Or course, the actresses have a team of assistants to help with makeup and style, we might not have this, but we can reuse their approaches for our own benefit. 
1. Fit Matters
Something that all red carpet walkers know is that it’s essential that your clothes fit well. One of the main reasons that actresses look so fantastic is down to having their dresses altered to fit them. When you see actresses that don’t look quite so great, it’s usually because their dresses aren’t fitting so well. 
2. Age Appropriate
You have probably noticed how great Helen Mirren looks every time she steps on to the carpet. The reason for this is because she always wears age appropriate styles. Of course, if she wore something that you might see Emma Watson in, then we all know that people wouldn’t rave half as much. Make sure you dress your age for best results. 
3. Accessories Are Key

The jewellery that is worn on the red carpet by actresses can be absolutely stunning. Of course, most of us aren’t in a position to be able to pay out for jewels of the same calibre. However, wearing accessories to elevate an outfit is well within our scope. Even a white t-shirt can look amazing if it’s accompanied by a great necklace and pair of earrings. Don’t forget great shoes too. 

4. Great Skin
Every aspect of the actress looks great when she strolls down the red carpet. Not only does their makeup look flawless but their skin is in tip top condition. You won’t see any tan lines on show. To get such great skin, moisturise every day. Coconut oil can be very effective. Take care of your skin by using sunscreen. 
5. Fabulous Hair
Actresses have their hair styled by professionals for their red carpet walk. This is what makes it look so fantastic. Although you might not have access to a stylist on a daily basis, you can still have great hair. Take your time to master a few basics from watching YouTube videos and you’ll be able to enjoy good hair any time you like. 
We might not as fabulous as those on the red carpet every day, but we can get close with some polish. What are your top tips for looking stunning?
This blog post from – A designer clothing website offering up to 80% discount on names such as Missoni, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, See By Chloe and more. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pandora Zirconia Heart Bracelet

I use to be obsessed with having some arm candy on my wrist. I loved all the different styles, colours and sizes I could squeeze onto my wrist. However over the years I've gone for a more subtle look on my arm's and toned it down to really only wearing my watch on a regular basis. However this year for my birthday my dad wanted to get me something special, so he ended up getting me a Pandora Charm bracelet. I admit I wasn't a massive fan, they were one of them things that everyone and anyone had. But I have grown to love mine, along with the charm that looks like a pig, but is indeed a dog. 
When I was sent this stunning little piece from Pandora's  New Collection I fell in love. It's a very dainty little thing, which I love about it. It sits on your wrist with freedom and manages to make a big impact despite it's size. I now where this little add on along with my charm bracelets and they work so well together to great some elegant arm candy. 

Friday, 11 July 2014


It's been a while since I've posted some of my more casual day-to-day outfits. Which needs to change as I dress sassy 24/7 and I should show it off right? (haha I'm joking) I've been stuck in my Birkenstocks recently. I guess my hate for them is official gone now. But I have to admit I love my pair from H&M. However because I've been little lazy on my feet I decided this week while being off work to take advantage and wear my more heel-type shoes. I brought these chunky heels from primark a few weeks ago now, thinking they were the last pair I grabbed them. Their actually new and must of been returned to my local store, so you can still get them. Their super comfy and perfect to add a more girly heel look to the outfit. 
I've always been put off a lot of Topshop's main piece's due to their price's. However when grazia recently put some random voucher codes in their magazine. Hayley was lucky enough to find a few £20 ones, and was kind enough to give me one! So I popped over to Birmingham because to be honest, Telford's Topshop is just shocking. I ended up finally picking up my first pair of Joni jeans. I'd heard a lot about these jeans, despite the whole "they go baggy" I was willing to give them a whirl. I've ended up wearing these jeans so much since I bought them. 
THEN ME BARGAIN OF THE WEEK! I love a good charity shop hunt, I think when shopping in the charity shop's you need to be open minded and open to a bit of DIY. I went to the local town next to Telford called Newport and managed to pick up a few top's at 99p each! All pretty basic, but with the odd detail. One was real silk and snazzy. I really liked this basic vest with a subtle striped print. Very casual and relaxed to just throw on as you can see. 

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Over the past few week's all I've seen is this bloody collection from Garnier. In ASDA, Boots, even the corner shop!  So while having a nose around Telford the other week, I ended up spotting the collection yet again, but at a bargain price of £1.40 each from Savers. I decided to give the "Sleek Restorer" Shampoo and Conditioner a go.
Our sumptuous Shampoo, with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter creates a beautiful lather to leave dry, frizzy hair feeling clean and soft. Use with the Sleek Restorer Conditioner for hair that feels velvety smooth and looks super-sleek, with frizz under control. For touchable smoothness, indulge in our 1 Minute Treatment, and finish with our multi-tasking Sleek Perfector Oil. RESULT: Up to 72 hours super-sleek smoothness*. Frizz under control, even in damp weather.
I've now been using the pair for about 2 weeks. At first I loved the soft and smooth texture it left on my hair. The shampoo and conditioner paired together managed to work together to allow my hair to feel reformed and brand new. While smelling like a bush of cocoa butter goodness. If you love cocoa butter you will need this product for your hair! While it repaired and reformed my lock's to a much smoother and softer feel. Sadly it didn't all go well when I started to notice a lot more irritation to my scalp. I've always struggled with finding the right shampoo and conditioner for my scalp due to having sensitive skin. In the end I began to develop bad dandruff and a lot of irritation. While I've loved using the product's for their amazing smell and amazing transformation's due to my scalp I won't be repurchasing. 

Have you tried anything fro Garnier's new Blends collection?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014



Summer is here and we're all jetting off into the sun, or maybe you're just off to your local beach? But we all have our essentials that we have to take with us no matter where it is. My essentials have always been the same, a nice big bag to carry all my stuff in, my camera, sun lotion, and of course my sun glasses! and of course you gotta take along some sandwiches to get some sand in, or a beach trip just wouldn't be the same would it!  I've teamed up with Intellicig who kindly sent me my own #Holidayessentials kit, and also they have said I can give one of you guys your own kit too! So if you'd like to win everything above you can enter by following all of the steps below via rafflecopter!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Whether you’re studying hard for your GCSEs or your A-Levels, there’s probably one thing getting you through your exams, prom. As the big event draws closer and closer, you’ve no doubt already picked out your dress, as well as your matching shoes and accessories. But one thing you’ve not quite decided on yet is your hairstyle. Not only have you got to make sure that if the weather is typically British on the day you won’t be left with frizzy hair, you also want to avoid having identical hair to every other girl there. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Follow the three simple steps to get your hair prom ready or just get some inspiration so you can complete your look and come top of the class this prom season. 

FRINGE PLAIT // If you want to add a sprinkle of fairytale magic to your prom ‘do, why not attempt a braid. The softness of the braid will ensure your hair avoids looking over-styled and will create an air of romance, giving you your happy ever after.

Step 1 – Create a deep side part by sweeping the majority of your hair to one side. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have two plaits, one on each side, centre-part your hair. Step 2 – Starting at the fringe, French plait your hair and twist the hair as you do so. Once you reach the nape of your neck, secure with a hairband. If you’re going for two braids, repeat on the opposite side. Step 3 – From here you can decide whether you want to keep your hair up or down. Leaving your hair down in loose tousled curls would certainly add to the fairytale princess look. To get the tousled look, use a large-barrel curling iron. Alternatively you can gather the remaining hair, and twist upward into a figure 8 shape. Pin this in place to create a cute up-do. 
STRAIGHT & SLEEK // If you want to stay clear of traditional prom curls, why not stand out from the crowd and go ultra-glam by opting for a straight and sleek look. This ‘do would work best with a more simple but classic styled dress or a dress which is dark in colour; this hair could also be used to create a rock star look.  The centre parting is very much on trend this season so be brave and bring some catwalk style to your prom. 

Step 1 – To get the perfect centre parting, get a thin tooth comb and pull it up from the bridge of your nose, up through your hair making a line. Starting at the bridge of your nose rather than your hairline will ensure you’ll get it dead on centre.  Step 2 – Once you’ve drawn the line through your hair, use your fingers to guide the rest of your hair into place. Step 3 – If you’re not used to having a centre parting, pin your hair down with a couple of hairgrips until you need to leave the house. This will get your hair used to sitting in this new parting position. Finish off by running product through your hair to avoid frizz ruining your look
LOOSE SIDE PONYTAIL // This look is perfect for prom. It’s more glam than your standard pony and it’ll keep your hair away from your face whilst you dance the night away. Best of all, as it’s a loose pony, if your hair falls out a little, it’ll actually look like it’s intentional. 

Step 1 – First of all you need to curl your hair with either a curling iron, heated rollers or alternatively using your straighteners, whichever method you feel most comfortable with. You can make the curls as loose or as tight as you like depending on your preference.   Step 2 – Once your hair is prepared, secure your hair to one side with a hairband, keeping the ponytail low down. A few curls may come loose of the headband but this will only add to the look. The ponytail should sit in front of your shoulder. Step 3 – Finally, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hairband to conceal it. Using a hairband the same colour of your own hair is also a good idea, just to conceal it further. To complete the look, sweep your fringe to the same side of the pony.