Sunday, 31 August 2014



Winter is on it's way kids, and I can say I have not been out in the past two weeks without a coat. Why? because it's getting bloody cold again kids, and it's time to wrap it all up again and be all snuggly and warm. When I saw a fellow blogger pop a picture of this coat on instagram I just knew I had to hunt it down and make it mine! I've already brought plenty of "jackets" for autumn however I needed that thick, warm, snug, coat ready for the snow days. I honestly cannot get over tyne fact this coat is from Primark, and costs £25! I've never really gone for the grey coat before. However it was love when I tried it on in store. They do also have a baby Pink version! However I'm still holding on to the H&M one! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014


BAG - H&M*

Oh snap I've done it again. A whole outfit in H&M. I swear to god they need to up my pay for all the advertisement I'm giving them! But it's safe to say H&M really is doing well with getting them key pieces out for amazing value for money! I brought this dress earlier this year actually and it was a little tight, I popped it on a few days a go and it was loose! Major LOVE! Safe to say the gym sessions and eating salad is now paying off! The dress is actually from H&M's summer collection, But I think it works so well in to my autumn/winter looks. I love how well it works with all black outfit and there balance of floral to make it a bit more girly. 


Celebrity inheritance pitfalls – what people can learn from Paul walker and Phillip SeymourHoffman
There has been quite a few unfortunate celebrity deaths recently, and it has become clear that many of them didn’t prepare their estate planning properly. Celebrities such as Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman are just two examples of celebrities who failed to complete their estate planning and with so much to left behind, it left a lot of complications for,not only their estate but also for their relatives.
Paul Walker was an actor who starred in the Fast & Furious movies. He passed away on the 30th November 2013 and left behind him his parents, and his 15 year old daughter Meadow Rain Walker. According to Trial and Heirs, Walker had assets of around $25 million. He had a revocable living trust whichbenefited his daughter as the sole beneficiary. However, Walkers Will nominated his mother as the guardian and caretaker of the money instead of the mother of his daughter.
Because Paul Walker used a trust, it dictates who receives the assets and when. If he had have completed the proper funding ahead of time then there would have been far less public scrutiny and hassle as his family affairs regarding his Will are on public record. Walker failed to update his estate planning documents before he died which meant that twelve years had passed since he signed his Will and if he wanted to change anything, he could not upon his untimely death. 
Philip Seymour Hoffman was an Oscar-winning actor and died on the 2nd February 2014 from a drug overdose. He relied on a Will for his estate plan and therefore it is available to the public to read. Because of this, Hoffman’s family could not handle his affairs privately and had to pay inventory fees, court costs and extra legal fees. Hoffman’s Will is dated back to the 7th October 2004 which means that it only mentions his oldest child and not the two he had since completing his Will.
We can all learn valuable lessons from these two high profile pitfalls, emphasizing how important it is to make a proper Will and to follow the right procedures in the first place to help avoid unnecessary complications. Saga can help in this respect to ensure that all of your assets and estate will be handled exactly the way you want after your death so that your family do not have to experience any further complications.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


BAG - H&M*

This is going to be my favourite outfit to wear for the next few weeks. At least while the weather is still mid-okay. I haven't worn my ASOS smock dress in literally forever. I really need to give may little treat and have a spree on ASOS it's been a while! I was kindly sent this beautiful pink long line from from their new collection. I absolutely adore it! I didn't think I'd be that keen when I picked it out, but wow oh wow it is just perfect! I especially love how well it works with my checked dress. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014


It literally feels like forever since I've blogged although my last post was Wednesday it was a scheduled post, therefore it's actually been over a week! But lots of changes are happening in my life so my blog has defiantly taken a back seat for a while! So I thought I'd drop a quick post on what I've been up to! 
FULL TIME JOBBY GIRL | It's official I've just finished my first week being full time at H&M although I did do the hours before It wasn't so painful. Working 6 days straight though is a different story. Especially when your on your feet all day, and your doing all the delivery shifts. Luckily I actually love my job, the fashion pieces, the people and of course the discount! I'm really happy with my fast progress at H&M I went from being a little 8 hour part timer, to a full timer. I'm super happy to have a secure full time job now, and I can start saving for a new car. I'm completely in love with the Fiat 500 in mint green. 

DREAM JOB | If you follow me on instagram you will of seen some of my Visual Merchandising displays! Before starting at H&M it never crossed my mind the role of being a Visual. I'd always wanted to go into styling. So when i was offered the chance to do some Visual within my store I really enjoyed it, and it has led to me working my bum off something in after hours, even doing a 13 hour shift so i could build up my portfolio! and it's all paid off! I have a interview this friday in Birmingham about me becoming a Visual for H&M and it looks like I could get sent off on my training within a few months! 

GET ME SKINNY | God knows how many times I've tried to diet. I'm so determined to drop a size however I just don't give myself enough time and put myself down too quickly. That's all changed now. I've been eating a lot more healthy and I even joined the gym! The gym actually isn't as scary as I thought. Luckily I have a friend to go with so it's not too awkward. I know I'm not gonna loose 5 pounds over night, But I'm feeling a lot more confident with myself and the progress I'm making. 

BACK TO BLACK | a bit of a random one but my style has defiantly turned now it's gone cold again. Literally it's all black all day from now on. Especially as everything I'm buying recently is black. 

so everything is going really well at the minute! However I do miss blogging, so i will try to snap some outfit's on my day off! I'll also be off to a workshop this weekend so I'll be showing you my snazzy "well cool" snaps i get when I'm there! 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


BAG - H&M*
TEE - H&M*

Me and my bloody H&M outfits. I was doing so well. I was also doing so well with the whole pretty much never wearing black. Guess I've gone back to my old ways. Especially the past week I've literally just wanted to throw on all my black clothing and be comfortable. When I saw this Tee in work I had to have it. I love my 80's rock music. The whole band tee look also is a favourite of mine. Then the coat. Sadly this coat is now rare as hell to find! Literally as soon as it came into our store it sold out within a week, and I brought the last one! I've also been to a few other stores and they've told me how much everyone is trying to find this coat. I can't blame them. I love this coat it's perfect for this awkward weather. It's super warm and looks a lot more expensive than what it cost me RRP £29.99! So if you spot this coat in your local H&M I'd recommend you try it on and buy the thing! 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hair loss in women is extremely common and can affect most women at some point in their lives. Shuna Hammocks, a consultant Trichologist at Sussex Trichology explains that genetic thinning in women is pattern thinning affecting the top of the head, which can cause a lot of distress and the patient to feel very self-conscious about their hair. Patients feel that it is difficult to style the hair and that it has a real impact on the quality of their life.
Androgen Dependant Alopecia causes female hair loss and can affect women from any age, from puberty up to the menopause. At Sussex Trichology this is the most common condition that Shuna treats. It is a condition that causes the top area of the head and the crown to thin and make the scalp more transparent. It comes about when the circulating androgens topically on the top of the head cause the hairs to appear finer than the sides and the rear of the scalp. It is quite progressive and really quite slow. This condition can be treated very well at Sussex Trichology.
Other women consult us with hair shedding, perhaps following child birth, a nutritional deficiency, a medicine side effect or stress related hair loss and many more. 
Telogen effluvium, thyroid hair loss, post-partum hair loss, scarring hair loss and even where people pull out their own hair (Trichotillomania) are all conditions that we regularly diagnose and treat at Sussex Trichology.

Female hair loss can have a devastating effect. Women often question “Why is my hair falling out?” and it is at this point that they should seek advice from a good Trichologist such as Shuna Hammocks at Sussex Trichology. Shuna understands how important hair is to women.

Sunday, 17 August 2014



I can't believe I'm in bed on a sunday morning after 8am. Luckily I don't start work till 1pm today which is a little treat before I officially start my Full time contract next week! I've got a lot of changes and new things happening at the moment. I'm also going to try and work out a schedule for my blog as It's going to be a struggle to get outfits snapped etc. 
I'm so god damn happy it's getting colder now. I've been wearing my coat, and wearing a jumper to bed most nights too! I'm also too excited to buy all the jumpers in the world. I've been shopping a lot recently and I need to stop as we're in that awkward "oh it's nice today" then it all goes tits up and rains or is aggressively windy. I picked up these shorts last week in the Matalan sale! for £3.50 seriously mental! I also picked up some more bargains Friday which I'll have on the blog soon! 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


TOP - H&M*
BAG - H&M*
I've had these shorts for so long and never worn them! I also got them at a right steal of £3 in the sale a few months back in Birmingham. They are super comfy and kinda feel like your not wearing anything and just strolling around in your pants. (that's a good feeling I hope) I paired the shorts with this top I got from work last week. It was a return and it got reduced to £4 as it was the only one so of course I snapped it up. Withe lace detailing it's a great top to just throw on. I then added my cardi, I'm still getting my moneys worth of this thing, but I must admit I still adore it.


When you first start a blog, it's just a hobby. This little place of the internet you'll go to post your thoughts. However as your blog grows you suddenly gain this following of people who enjoy your reviews, and general posts which leads to you going from posting maybe everyday to having to limit the posts and schedule your content further in advance. For me when I started my blog I had no job and I was on my summer holiday from college. Therefore I had plenty of time to post about all my favourite products! (I was mainly beauty when I first started) However when I went back to college I need to find that balance of getting my college work done and running my blog which was still all new to me. Although once I left college the next year I was then classed as a "full time blogger" as I looked for work. These days making money through your blog can easily be done. So to have a organised blog is like organising your work space. So what steps can you take to making your blog that bit more organised? 

I'd forget my name if I could, so when it comes to thinking of new ideas, gaining contacts, or even just writing down the products you want to try out after seeing them in a magazine write it down! I have these two Moleskine notebooks, one I keep in my bag for when I have myself a random thought. Then the other days on my desk ready for them quick notes I may need to jot down. You can get yourself a cute fashionable range of notebooks from Vikings Fashion Collection.  

These days it's rare to find a blog that is just mainly "fashion" or just "beauty" it seems we're all experimenting with a range of themes when it comes to our blogs. However I think this works well to make your blog a lot more personal and not your typical blog that just posts review, and after review. So get some tab's or buttons to allow your reader who may only be interested in your lifestyle posts to click on the tab and be took to all your lifestyle posts. 

When you start to organise your blog it's like going to food shopping you need to remember to get everything and get it up on time. I like to spend one day every two weeks just focusing on my emails and getting posts written, along with shooting outfits etc. So to write a list you'll never forget a post again. 

I personally enjoy writing my posts before I publish them on that day. Especially as I like to add a little update on my life just to get you all in the know of how fine and dandy I'm doing. Although it can be easier to get the post written a week in advance and get it scheduled. There for you don't have to worry. You can also get some scheduled tweets sorted do you advertising the post while you may be off shopping for "new content" for your blog. 

This is a common sense one but just think ahead, also thick about the posts if they will be appropriate at the date of posting. Think of what products will have a huge response. Think about what your readers want to read and see of a product. Say a lipstick review, show the lipstick on your to show the shade off even more. Just think ahead. 

(I was kindly gifted with the notebooks from Viking however all the works and opinions in the post are all my own)

Monday, 11 August 2014


I've been trying to be good recently by sitting at my desk while I reply to emails and edit my photo's for posts. I must admit I've really enjoyed it since I've spent a bit more time on my room to make it more mine by allowing my personality and home design style shine through. So since finally finishing my room, (although I may get a new bed) I thought I'd start a series on my blog, which I've never done before and it's called the "SNIPPETS OF MY ROOM SERIES".
So this is my dressing table. Probably looks the same as most bloggers dressing tables, but it is probably the most organised part of my room. The desk it self is from IKEA and you can buy it here for £40. The last time I had a desk was when I was thirteen and had the family computer in my room. However this year I decided to bring back the desk for all things beauty and of course to sit at with my laptop and actually focus! I love this desk, it's the perfect size, it has the three side shelves that are perfect for my paper work and extra make up! My Chair is fairly new as I only picked it up last week from yet again IKEA! It was only £11 which is a total bargain for such a pretty chair, wait can chairs be pretty now? I guess so. 
The plant pots that every blogger and their mother seems to have that we use for our make up brushes. I was pretty late to get on the bang wagon for these I must admit. But you can see why they've been picked up for being make up brush holders as they make such a great piece on the table. I think they retail for around £2-£4 they've also brought out some new colours and sizes! I also ended up buying the plant pot tray. I first brought this for the use of rings etc. However I don't wear many rings anymore so it's turned into my perfume and memory card plate. Again another fab piece to do it's use but look pretty at the same time. 
Now don't get too excited and think this is my make up collection, this is just my most used stuff that I use daily. (I have a whole draw of make up, skin care and hair care else where!) The lipstick holder is from ebay which you can buy here. Then we have my Muji draw's which ever blogger has. I was then going to buy more Muji storage but spotted these last week in IKEA both sets totally at £10 a total save! 

And that's my dressing table! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be posting the next post in the series next monday!