Friday, 9 October 2015


If you've been a reader of mine for some time you'll know I wear hair extensions. For around four years now everyday I take the time to fit in my clip in's. I love wearing extensions, don't get me wrong I have day's where I just cannot be bothered to clip them all in and I just go for the quick and easy messy top knot. Whenever I'm contacted by a hair extension brand I'm always excited to try them out. 
When I was contacted by Hot Hair, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a hair piece. I've always gone for clip in hair extensions or micro rings. I've never actually explored hair pieces, for me they just didn't fit my style. I like messy and I've always seen them as more dressy hair do's for nights out. 
I had a browse and ended up settling on the Brianna 3/4 Hair Piece - "Brianna is a 3/4 wig with long gentle yet glamorous waves through the ends. This ultra-long style is perfect for a glamour-puss look that will ensure you turn heads." When the hair arrived I was so impressed with he packing of the product. Usually hair company just put hair in a plastic bag. However the hair from Hot Hair was beautifully wrapped within a box supported by cardboard to hold it's shape while on it's way to me. 
Now I have to admit the fitting of the hair piece was a real struggle for me. I just couldn't understand it. In the end I ended up browsing youtube. Here I found a range of tutorials in which allowed me to understand how to fit the piece more natural. On they also offer personal tutorials for each hair product on their youtube channel. In the end I managed to work the piece into my ombre hair, and create a more natural look that you can barely see that it's a hair piece! 
Over all I'm really impressed with the hair piece, however I found the thickness not just right for me. I usually wear two set of hair extensions because of the thickness of my hair. So this is a personal preference. However the quality of the hair is amazing along with the clips within the piece. While I probably wouldn't wear the hair piece on a daily routine. I will be leaning for the hair piece on nights out and for when I need that more hot glam look.  

To shop more hair pieces head over to


Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Another new location, today me and Brit tried a range of locations. We tried to find the perfect location for every outfit, as each outfit was a different take on Autumn / Winter. I was already wearing this look today but i decided to shoot it anyway as I don't shoot many of my more casual looks. This is a look I'd throw on for work it's casual but the effort is there. 


Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Now that my best friend Brit has joined the blogging world I now have a pal to come along and do outfit posts with. Making the process a whole lot more fun and lots of new locations! yesterday we popped down to a woods near our houses. I guess the joys of living in Shropshire is that you have plenty of Autumn locations to choose from! This week we're going to be shooting lots more and explore more locations perfect for shooting in. 

Yesterday I also pulled out all my winter coats. Yes guys it's official cold enough that coats should be worn daily. Because the weather is slightly warm still I opted for my blanket cape which I purchases off eBay. It's a copy of the TOPSHOP one from last year which sold out. However this one only cost me £13. It's a great throw on and go look and it keeps you nice and toasty. 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

On Thursday night myself and new blogger (also my best friend) Brit, made our way to Solihull for the Lush Solihull event. I'm constantly sharing with Brit about the events I go to, and what happens so it was nice to take her along to show her what some of the perks of blogging can be. 
Now I'm admittedly not a all around year fan of lush. However at christmas Lush is my favourite place to be. Maybe because I want everything in the 'Snow Fairy' scent. I'd lucky just ran out of my bottle which I picked up last year. So the event was perfect timing. To finally get myself stocked up on all my christmas favourites. I also picked up a few new products which I can't wait to explore. I had a go at Yog Nog bath bomb the other night and it was amazing! It left my skin so smooth and which a hint of sparkle. Who doesn't love sparkle around christmas? 

You can shop the christmas collection in your local Lush now, or online!


Thursday, 1 October 2015

The 70's trend has been a on going trend for some time now. With the consent theme the high street as taken it's opportunity to get the key items for the 70's trend out for a fraction of the price. For me I have loved the 70's trend. However the flares will never be something I'll go back to. I think I'm still scared from the pair of pink cords I had as a child. One trend that has taken my fancy is of course the A line skirt, as you will of noticed from my recent outfit posts, the A line skirt has been my go-to piece for everyday outfits. I love how the skirt instant add's the trend to any outfit. While the button up front can be a problem after you eat. the overall A line style and fit is so flattering and a great way to add a little something to a standard skirt and top outfit. 


Thursday, 1 October 2015

These days fashion is very unisex. Boys are wearing top's that look like dresses, and girls are rocking the oversized tee's meaning fashion really doesn't have any limits. I now find myself while shopping browsing the men’s sections and I'll always lie and say I'm shopping for my imaginary boyfriend or family, but secretly I'm just after a bargain. You can go into a highstreet ladies store and find a bomber jacket for £90 then go into a men’s store and find a similar one for half the price. I'm forever looking for the perfect bargain but recently the bargains have just been in the other sections of the shop all along. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with this Bomber from Scotch & Soda which I found in the sale section of Reem Clothing.  I mean just look at the colour and the gold detailing. I actually can't believe this jacket is for men because it really is an easily wearable jacket for both females and males. This is definitely something I may have to treat myself to next payday! 

Roll necks are literally my favourite thing in the A/W period. I can't get enough of a roll neck whether it be in a dress form or a top. Also there's nothing wrong with keeping your neck warm. I've then paired the overall look of the dress and jacket with a classic statement watch from Olivia Burton and a classic pair of little black ankle boots. A simple on trend outfit has now been created making this perfect for the current A/W weather. 


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

After seeing how popular my old "snippets of my bedroom" post went down, I thought it was time to do a more updated one. It's been over a year now since that post, and within that year. I'd gotten a new job and moved out then back home. My interior style has also changed dramatically. 
My room is my own little space where I can let my mind go wild. As you can tell my current theme is white and copper. Who doesn't love copper? I feel over the past year I've also really broken away from my 'teenage' room into my official adult room. While I won't be in this room forever I do hope to move out into my own home in the next two years. It's nice to create a space that is yours. 
When I was moving out I had a big sort out of clothes, and all my other bits and bobs. This allowed me to decide which processions were needed and some which were just for show. So what it all comes down to is how much do we value each procession really?
Some of my most prized processions are of course my more luxury items; such as my camera, my macbook and no shame here but my clothes. I'd be lost if I was stuck in one outfit all week! So why do I value these processions so much? each of these processions present me. 
I'd be lost if I didn't have a camera on my phone or there to grab on my shelve. I photograph everything. I remember when I broke my DSLR and it took a month for it to be fixed. I was lost, I couldn't blog I felt lost. My Macbook, Now I have to admit I'm not constantly on my Macbook, I do use my iPhone 6 for the majority of my emailing, and other social media platforms. However you can't edit your pretty pictures without your favourite photo editing software? I've also always dreamed of owning a Macbook. So it's always one of my most favourite christmas presents. I even took a selfie with it on christmas day I was so happy! 

While these items are all very luxurious and not the cheapest. These are the items that make me, me and are in my daily life. 


Monday, 28 September 2015

Autumn is officially here. I've already spent the time to switch over my wardrobe into the autumn mode. However the weather isn't helping as it can't seem to decide on which season it's in. However the autumn shades are slowly coming through. I can't get enough of the camel, the khaki and rose wine red! 
At the moment all I seem to be wearing is skirts and dresses, topped with a thick pair of tights! When I spotted this midi skirt from Addition Elle (a website for plus size fashion) I fell in love! It's very similar to my current mini skirt. However I feel the added length and the style will blend better as the colder weather approaches. 
I've then paired the skirt with a casual slogan T shirt from Misguided. I love this top, as Kanye west is just one of them celebs that says/does stupid things. It will definitely be interesting to see if he actually runs for president. let's face it, if he does. He'll probably get it.  
Boots! if you have been following my blog for the past few years, you may know about my little black ankle boot obsession. Yes I'm obsessed. last year I brought three pairs in a week. (all very similar) but guys, this pair has fringing which means I need them. This is my argument for why I need them anyway.


Sunday, 27 September 2015


As we all know the 70's trend is everywhere at the minute. From the flares to the chunky boots. However another trend that has laced it's way into the high street is the lace up sexy tops. I've been admiring the lac up top trend for a while, however having big boobs that daily need to be supported by a bra. I wasn't too sure if this trend was for me. 
It's safe to say i won't be rocking up in this top to work, or just popping to ASDA for a pint of milk. But when it comes to events, and nights out this will be my new go to top. 


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

For the past 6 months I've been commuting to work everyday. Yes getting up at 5am driving 52 miles there and back to Hereford. Ever since I got my driving licence I have loved driving. I love the freedom, the pleasure to go wherever I want. This year I made my first big adult purchase with my car. A beautiful Suski Swift which I literally can't get enough of. It also makes my commute a little bit more bearable. However while constantly being on the road I've managed to pick up a few pet hates on the way. 
People that drive slow. In my opinion if you aren't confident enough to meet the speed limit an have to drive 20mph under it you shouldn't be on the road. I'm forever getting stuck behind slow drivers which don't help when I'm on a time limit to get to work. I didn't realise though driving too slow is actually breaking the law accord to this inforgraphic on One slow driver can cause so much traffic and make a lot of people stressed as more time gets added to everyones journey. Of course driving slow can also cause accidents! I was recently in a accident due to a slow driver and another very impatient  driver. 
While some of the Laws a very important and are there for a reason, there are also some very wacky Laws and who knew we needed. Simpson Millar Solicitors tells us of three of the wackiest Driving Laws. Like did you know that all London Taxi's are legal required to carry with them bale of hay and a sack of oats! anyone else thinking "what the actual hell?" all I know if next time in London I've got a conversation starter with the taxi driver! 


Friday, 18 September 2015

You really can't go wrong with a little black dress. Or even a little black pinafore dress. The pinafore/dungaree style is a favourite of mine at the moment. It's super casual but also brings back memories of my aqua blue little mermaid dungaree dress I had as a child. I actually brought the red version of this dress. However a day at work and a rip appeared. I returned it though then found the black version! While in all honesty I'll probably get more wear out of, because well it's black.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I'm all over finding a cheaper dupe of a item. It's just in my blood to shop around before I buy. The other week when I was having a good old hunt around my local Primark in Birmingham. I ended dup having a nose at the bags. I have to admit primark bag's aren't the first thing I look for when I go into a Primark Store. The quality can often be very crap and they always seem to look so cheap. ( I know their cheap but you get me right?) However this little beauty was on the end of a  shop. It's apart of Primark's Limited Edition Collection. At £12 this bag is a total steal.