Tuesday, 3 December 2013


BAG - H&M*
(outfit photography by Sara Thomas)
Last Friday (black Friday) I popped over to Birmingham City center. While it took me over 2 hours (usually 35 minutes!) to get there I was able to enjoy the evening with my babe Sara from Pretty In Pink. Once I arrived despite being pissy and wanting to shoot myself with the thanks of national rail and all the trains coming and going from New street being well, f**ked! I managed to get into New street and made my way to Selfridges where I met Sara. We had a nose around with as Selfirdges were offering 10% off beauty and 20% off everything else! I ended up making a purchase which was my first ever high end foundation! After buying £5-£10 foundations all my live I ended up purchasing a £33 bottle of foundation. I know, cheapo bargain hunter Chloe spent that much on one beauty product! (such a beauty blogger now guys!) I will have the review up soon! 
After Selfridges we then made our way down to the German market. Sara had been gaggin' (literally) for a bit of sausage for weeks now. So I sorted that girl out and we went and got some sausage! Once we'd sorted out our single ladies needs we then made our way up the street in which the German market was held and had a nose sadly everything was closing as I'd gotten in so late! However with the pretty lights and the amazing atmosphere we took some outfit photo's. It's safe to say Sara is my new photographer now, I love how she managed to capture the angle I like and over all get some amazing shots! 

have you been to any german markets yet? what's your favorite part of christmas? 


Josie Cross said...

I love the christmas market, I need to stop eating so many sausages there! You're outfit is lovely, love the shoes and socks! Josie xxx


oliviaellen said...

I went to the German market in Birmingham and found that the trains were so delayed it was a right pain!
But I did have an amazing toffee apple which makes up for it!
Olivia Ellen Wears Words

beautyqueenuk said...

Lovely picces especially the photobombed one ha x
Beautyqueenuk xx

Fowzee said...

I love the outfit! The market looks amazing,


Celine said...

You look fabulous Chloe! Sounds like you and Sara had a fab day despite the bad National Rail service :) xx


Elena said...

i'm german and it makes me really happy that people enjoy our traditional christmas markets. i really, really love them. your dress is just sooooo cute. i love velvet in the winter time.


Sara T said...

You absolute bellend, I was gagging for nothing!

Sara T said...

Also, I now charge. A frankfurter per shoot #bestpricesinbrum