This pay day was tight for me as it was the week my car insurance came out. Bah, the joys of being a adult and paying for everything yourself hey? Not being left with a lot of money meant I couldn't really treat myself. However Friday is payday again and I plan on going to town, after I've paid for paris of course! Luckily myself and Hayley have bagged some good deal's so our Paris trip is pretty cheap! After Paris is paid I'll still have plenty of money as I've been working a lot of hours the last two weeks. So here are a few thing's I've found myself wanting...well needing! 
White jeans, these are something I've been looking at more than twice this week, but does anyone else just not ever wear white jeans after their mom telling you as a child.. "don't wear white jeans when your on your period" Like I just panic, what if I happen to come on, when I'm wearing white jeans. Also I'm so messy that they'll be covered in something anyway. On the other hand...I really want a pair! My style has really changed recently and i like it, I'm taking chance's and starting to work with what I've got! 

What have you been lusting after recently? 


  1. Those white jeans will look gorge! And Paris, I'm so jealous! I really want to get away but still in training for my job so not allowed any big holidays :( Let us know if you get them x

  2. I would LOVE a pair of white jeans but with 3 kids its not practical, oh well I`ll have to stick with the boring faded denim look!!

  3. I adore that pink leather jacket - I want I want I want!

  4. LOVE that pink jacket!

  5. I love the pink jacket! I've never owned white jeans, I would spill something on them for sure, plus I've always felt too fat to pull them off, ha.

    I had to pay my car insurance this month, too. Boo.

    Corinne x

  6. Haha I share your worries about white jeans! Although it's the fact I'm a little bit larger than a size 8 that is my main stumbling block! The look is fab though, you should go for it!